Ms. Emaleigh Linn (E Dan)

Ms Emaliegh Linn, E Dan (8/2017)

My name is Emaleigh Linn and I am a Cho Dan. I started studying martial arts with my family when I was three. My dad, sister, brother, and myself all studied with the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) for three years. In 2007, In England, I started studying Tang Soo Do under Master Khan. We trained with Great Britain Tang Soo Do for three years before moving back to Nebraska.

Now, my father and I have been training with Master Finger for three years, earning our black belts in the spring of 2014. Working with all of my instructors and fellow classmates is an experience that not everyone has the opportunity to be involved in. I value being a part of Omaha Tang Soo Do to not just learn, but to help teach new students the value of learning martial arts.